What is Sublimation and Screen Print Transfers?

What is Sublimation?

Sublimation transfer prints are for White or Light Color Garments and textiles with 50% or higher polyester count (example: 50/50 blend material or higher). The sublimation ink actually binds with the polyester material to "become one" with it and does not lay on top like other typical transfers. This means longer color vibrancy and life span. Please note: for the best results and deepest color saturation, we recommend applying to 100% polyester. Transfers can be applied to 50/50 materials or higher but will yield a lighter, similar to distressed, result. Many people have wonderful success with 50/50 but we just want you to be aware the higher the polyester count, the brighter the image.

Our sublimation transfers are also perfect for pre-coated sublimation blanks. No additional coating is necessary and will apply to sublimation blanks with superb results! You can find many sublimation blanks online such as mugs, signs, photo plates, license plates, plates, etc. Just be sure the substrate is ready for sublimation - then apply your favorite design!


What colors shirts can I use?

Below is a cheat sheet from Debbie Does Design showing how colors will look different colored shirts at different polyester percentages. Another way to think of this is like coloring on construction paper with colored markers. A red marker on blue paper will look more purple!

If you're wanting to use a darker colored shirt like maroon or royal blue, try to stick with designs that are all black or darker in design colors.



What are Screen Print Transfers?

Screen Print Transfers are made with plastisol ink placed onto special release paper, no ink or stencil required! Screen print transfers allow you to be able to use any color or fabric shirt unlike sublimation. They are printed as spot color inks, which mean they are made with a solid pigment dye!