Printing Licenses LSS Hold

Some digital designers require a printing license in order to print transfers. Below is a list of digital designers that we hold the license for in order to print!
  • Sweet Baby Blue Digitals
  • Cerra's Shop Digitals
  • Hippie Runner
  • Maple Dots Designs
  • Cheyenne's Sublimations
  • Elena Marie Designs
  • Lemon and Sugar SVG
  • Ellie Canary Designs
  • KottaStore
  • KreationsKreations
  • StudioSevenFourStudio
  • The Cooke Co. Digitals
  • Mama Made Digitals
  • Olive Soul World
  • No Filter Digitals
  • Pixel Pop Designs
  • Alicia Ray Art
  • Neace Design Co.
  • Lyttle Designs

Please note this list is only for digital designers who require a license to print. Not all designers do!