Here is a quick overview of how things work!
  • The announcements are a great place to find lots of useful information such as pricing, a copy of the instruction insert, tutorials and so much more!
🌵How to Order:
  • Our website is lookinsharpsublimations.com
  • If there is a design you're looking for but can't find, make a post! I'll try my hardest to find the file or get help from one of the designers.
  • We do offer custom printing, no MOQ required!
  • If you're needing a custom design made such as a personalized design for a birthday or weddings, you are responsible for the design fee as well. If the design is something that can be resold to others, I absorb that fee.
  • If you already have the image that you need printed, you can purchase this listing (https://lookinsharpsublimations.com/products/custom-order-read-description?_pos=1&_sid=44211f81d&_ss=r) and them email your design to lookinsharpsublimations@gmail.com
  • Please added your order number as the subject header of the email!
  • Please note, you are responsible for providing a decent quality image as I print whatever is provided. You are more than welcome to message me and ask about the image!
🌵Order Issues:
  • If you received the wrong transfer (size or design) or if it is missing entirely, please fill out this form.
  • I typically go through the google form every Monday and Friday.
  • If you have tracking information but your package hasn't arrived or it did arrive but it is damaged, you can fill out a claim (if you have the route shipping insurance) or I can. See the section on the shipping insurance for the claim form or shoot me a message and I can help!
🌵Shipping insurance:
  • ROUTE INSURANCE is available at check out. It is $0.98 if your cart is less than $100 or 1% for orders over $100. ROUTE INSURANCE is offered as an add on. It covers all lost, stolen or damaged packages. It is AUTOMATICALLY checked at checkout. By removing ROUTE INSURANCE from your cart, you are acknowledging full responsbility if your order is lost, stolen or damaged. I will not be able to reprint your order or refund your order.
  • To file a claim, use this link: https://help.route.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360001458373



  • Title Name - RTS: screens are in stock
  • Title Name - Pre Order: screens are currently on a preorder.
  • Screens require a heat press. An iron or the easy press WILL NOT WORK.
  • Pre Orders will post every Monday and close every Saturday at 8 PM CST.
  • You are allowed to use the mock ups to gauge interest with your customers.
  • If you order RTS screens with pre order screens or subs, you order will not process until the pre orders have arrived and/or the sublimation transfer portion of your order has processed.
  • RTS Screens will ship in 3-5 Business Days.
  • Pre Order Screens are a 7-10 Business Day TAT from closing date.
  • Pre Order Screens can not be rushed.
  • I can not do partial shipments.
  • Please note that the shipping method you choose has nothing to do with the time frame of which your order is placed. Even if you pick PRIORITY shipping, it still falls under the current TAT.
  • If you need your order expedited, you MUST either add on the RUSH FEE listing to your order or check out with a new order of just the rush fee and use the add on code.
  • If you do use the addon code for any order, please list the previous order number in the notes at checkout.
  • The TAT often fluctuates based off of current order volume. Typically orders are processed in 7-14 business days.
  • You can find the current TAT listed at the top of the home page.
🌵Best Method of Contact:
  • The best way to contact me is via facebook messenger. I don't always check my emails. Regardless if you have messaged or emailed me and I haven't responded, make a post in the group to let me know!
Stay Lookin' Sharp🌵