Here is a quick overview of how things work!


🌵Normal Operating Hours:

  • Monday-Friday 9-5 are the normal business hours! We do ask for 24-48 business hours for replies via email, Facebook or other social media sites.



  • The announcements in the Facebook group are a great place to find lots of useful information such as pricing, a copy of the instruction insert, tutorials and so much more!


🌵What is the Difference Between Sublimation Transfers & Screen Print Transfers:

  • Sublimation transfers are made with a special ink and paper that once introduced with ink and pressure, transfers from the paper to the shirt dying the polyester fibers of the shirt. This is why your shirt needs to be at least 50% polyester or higher in order to work. The higher the poly count the more vivid your image because the poly fibers is what holds the ink, it also needs to be light colored or white shirt.
  • Screen Print Transfers are made with plastisol ink placed onto special release paper, no ink or stencil required! Screen print transfers allow you to be able to use any color or fabric shirt unlike sublimation. They are printed as spot color inks, which mean they are made with a solid pigment dye!

🌵What is the Difference Between High Heat and Low Screen Print Transfers:

  • High Heat Screens feel very smooth on the back, almost like rubber.
  • Low Heat Screens (Not Specified) feel very rough, like sandpaper.

🌵Can I Use Mockups?:

  • Absolutely! You can use the mockups provided in the group or on the website listings to gauge interest! You don’t have to watermark them but I do ask that you don’t alter my watermark.
  • If there is a mockup you can not find, please reach out via Facebook or email, and we will help you find it! 


🌵How Do I Apply These?:

  • Screen Prints are pressed at HIGH HEAT 375*; Not specified at 325*. 7-10 Seconds. Heavy Pressure. Hot Peel.
  • Sublimation Transfer are pressed at 400*; 60 Seconds. Medium Pressure. Hot Peel.


🌵Custom Sublimation Transfers:

  • We are not currently offering custom sublimation transfers. 


🌵Custom Screen Print Transfers:

  • We do offer custom screen print transfers with a MOQ.
  • MOQ for single color screens is 30 transfers, full color screens is 75. All must be the same size.
  • Please email lookinsharpsublimations@gmail.com for more information.

🌵Order Issues:

  • If you received the wrong transfer, if it is missing entirely, or it’s damaged please email: support@lookinsharpsublimations.zendesk.com and include the following information:
    • Order Number:
    • Mailing Address:
    • Missing/Damaged Transfers (please include quantities.):
  • Please allow 3-5 business days for staff to address these issues. 
  • If you have tracking information but your package hasn't arrived or it did arrive but it is damaged, you can fill out a claim  or I can. See the section on the shipping insurance for the claim form or shoot us a message and we can help!
  • If, for whatever reason, you mistyped or forgot to enter a code a check out, we can NOT cancel an order to include it. The affiliate code can be added to your next purchase, however the special sales codes (i.e. "PRICKLYHOUR") will not be honored for future purchases unless they are active during that time. 

🌵"Why was I refunded?":

  • Sometimes, screen prints can oversell on the website. In the event this happens and you are effected by it, you will be refunded. 
  • The screens refunded will be notated on your included order sheet. 


🌵Shipping & Shipping insurance:

  • Each screen print transfer order is packaged in plastic as well as the "pizza boxes" to ensure no harm will come to the packages in travels to you. As we know, sometimes things do happen. 
  • ROUTE INSURANCE is automatically added to orders placed with us starting 6/2/2021. Every single order is now protected by Route Insurance. 
  • To file a claim, click here.


🌵Do you offer Porch Pickup for local orders:

  • We do! We do NOT leave these items on the porch due to potential unforeseen possibilities (i.e. animal tampering, USPS mistakenly taking it), but if you will email or message before you head over, we will make sure your order is waiting for you! 



  • Title Name - RTS: screens are in stock
  • Title Name - Pre Order: screens are currently on a preorder.
  • Screens require a heat press. An iron or the easy press WILL NOT WORK.
  • Pre Orders will post every Monday and close every Saturday at 8 PM CST.
  • You are allowed to use the mock ups to gauge interest with your customers.
  • If you order RTS screens with pre order screens or subs, you order will not process until the pre orders have arrived and/or the sublimation transfer portion of your order has processed.
  • RTS Screens will ship in 3-6 Business Days.
  • Pre Order Screens are a 10-14 Business Day TAT from closing date.
  • Pre Order Screens can not be rushed.
  • I can not do partial shipments. 


🌵Need a Custom Design?:

  • If you need a custom digital design made, please contact Alisha Storer.




  • Please note that the shipping method you choose has nothing to do with the time frame of which your order is placed. Even if you pick PRIORITY shipping, it still falls under the current TAT.
  • Please allow 24-48 business hours for tracking information to update through the shipping company once your order is processed as shipped.
  • Please be advised UPS will NOT deliver to PO boxes. 


  • You can find the current TAT listed at the top of every webpage as well as the home page.


🌵Best Method of Contact:

  • The best way to contact is via email. Please allow 24-48 business hours for a response from us! We will get back to you as soon as possible.  If you have messaged or emailed us and have not received a response, make a post in the group to let us know!


Stay Lookin' Sharp🌵