Baby Samuel Flies

On Mother's Day 2020 (05.10.2020) our sweet baby boy, Samuel, passed away in his sleep due to SIDS. Samuel was only 6 weeks and 6 days old at the time of his passing but in those few weeks, he made such a huge impact on everyone who knew him. Our Samuel was such a ray of light in this world and was everything to us. Samuel was so deeply loved by his siblings and his parents.

In the time since his passing, we have created a hashtag called #babysamuelflies . The hashtag was originally created for his vigil so we could see people who lit candles or blew bubbles all over the country in his honor. Since then the hashtag has taken a life of its own with people sharing their RAOK (random acts of kindness) in his honor. We've created a facebook group so others could follow and see the things we and others do in Sam's honor. To join the group:

If you would like to do a RAOK in honor of Sam, please feel free to print this picture out or order a few from Walgreens (they're fairly cheap that way!)


If you would like to make a donation in Samuel's name, you can do so here:

Information for donation:

  • Memorial Name: Samuel Aaron Chaplin
  • DOB: 03.23.2020
  • DOD: 05.10.2020
  • Family Name: Breana Chaplin